Love Affair with the Rain

When I was a child,

My mother told me over a game of gin rummy

That she had a love affair with the rain.

When lighting struck

And thunder rolled,

As it did often,

She relished in the portentous evening air

And sang songs in competition with the howling of the wind.

I wondered if my mother was mad,

Or if she had unpacked in her sadness and decided to live there,

Because if tears and rain touch the sidewalk together,

The naked eye cannot tell them apart.

My mother had lived a different life

And had she chosen a bolted door and drawn blinds

Over nightfall card games in torrential downpours,

I may have never been sunshine at all.

- Leave the Light On, Madison M. Long

November Third

Ship me away to isolated islands and barren coasts,

Envelop me in air,

Unzip my winter coat.

Roaring waters where the sea kisses the land,

He loves her,

Then he leaves her,

And comes back when he can.

-Magic, Madison M. Long


I watched the clouds somersault through the atmosphere.

I think they were dancers in another life.

They swayed and swirled to the sounds of singing birds

And smells of a fresh day.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

-Magic, Madison M. Long

The Truth

The truth is you’re sweet.

You’re so sweet,

You feel like sunshine

And your kisses taste like honey.

And, the truth is,

I can not bear to love you.

-Madison M. Long

Please Understand

I’ve never felt like this before,

So, I don’t know what to do with it.

The world has always been the world,

Dark and smokey grey,

But my eyes have been opened to the magic that is love,

And now I see rainbows in the sidewalk cracks.

-Magic, Madison M. Long


He Loves Me Not

He loved me like yesterday with hints of today.

He loved me like writing with dashes of what I didn’t say.

He loved me like oceans with flexes of blue.

He loved me like me with flexes of you.

-Madison M. Long