Spring is here and I am a busy bee between writing and finishing up this school semester. Sometimes I forget that I’m working for what I love to do, and I get whisked away into daydreams about what life will be like when I get to where I want to be: spending my days resting under towering palm trees, feeling the breeze kiss my face, writing endless poems, and letting work and leisure be one.

I often forget that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. Life is magic today, not fifteen years from today. Magic comes to me when I need it most - when I’m writing a resume in the backseat of a two-door sedan on the way to get Mexican food. Sometimes, magic comes to me in a redbull can when I miraculously write a 1,500-word paper the night before it’s due, or when I play football in the backyard with my sister. Good things come each day. While it’s important for me to work towards the future, it’s vital for me to live and enjoy the little moments I experience along the way, no matter how mundane or ridiculous they may seem.

I say all this to come to this conclusion: bask in the sunshine and play in the rain. Life is not comprised of enough little moments.

Happiness Always,