Magic and it's Dedication

I am extremely excited to announce that my e-book and amazon clearances came early, (considering this a belated birthday gift from the universe) and Magic is now available on iBooks as an e-book, Amazon as a paperback, and Blurb as a PDF.

You may notice my first book doesn’t have a dedication. It’s partly because I knew I was just dipping my toes into the publishing waters, and partly because a lot of the poems are about heartbreak, and no one wants a book about heartbreak dedicated to them. So, the book is dedicated to no one. However, I will dedicate my love for writing and small successes to the people that believed in me when my dreams of publishing a book were exactly that - dreams.

My love for writing is dedicated to my mom. My mom has handed down her love for language and the pictures it can paint. She taught me early on to write my feelings down. She never stressed that the tension I held inside could become art, but when it did, she realized she created something wonderful, and she has been proud of me ever since.

My small successes are dedicated to my best friend. She is the kind of person that fosters dreams in other people. She continuously supports me and my big ideas through anything and everything, and she was the first person to buy my book. She’s held my hand through my good days, and dragged me by my hair through the bad. Not only is she my closest friend, she is an inspiration and a constant reminder that if you are good to the world, it will be good to you, too.

Happiness always,