Ask the Poet - Moving On

Q: How to move on?

A: Moving on isn’t something that just happens. You don’t wake up one day completely over it. As much as I hate to say this, it’s a process. We build, we fall, and we build again.

You do what you have to do to get through it: push. Focus on you and the things that nourish your soul. Pour your soul into your school, work, or family relationships. Use your energy to become a better you, and the rest will fall into place.

Heal your heart, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, read a book.

In the end, all you have is you, so do the things that make you proud to live in your skin independently.

But, most importantly, remember when I tell you this: you were magic far before anyone else declared you so.

Ask the Poet - Exes

Q: My ex and I have gotten really close again lately and he’s been asking for a second chance. What should I do? He says I have 100% control of the situation.

A: If you have feelings for him and you think you can make it work, go ahead. Sometimes, people genuinely grow and change. Epiphanies are real. But, be weary. Remember that he is your ex for a reason, don’t let your guard down for the sake of familiarity.

If he did something that you know you can’t forgive or if the foundation for a relationship is gone, it would probably be best to let him down easily. Don’t tug at his soul if you know in your heart of hearts that recovery isn’t possible.

Either way you go, handling exes is extremely tricky. Don’t let history repeat itself. Make sure the problems that broke you up in the first place won’t lead you down a road of heartbreak. This isn’t a choice you can make overnight. Take into account what’s best for both of you.

I wish you the best of luck!

Ask the Poet - a Rundown

I’ve started a new interactive writing project called “Ask the Poet.” In short, people anonymously send me questions, let me know what they need advice about, or tell me something they can’t explain. Then, I, a 19 year-old girl who is completely unqualified to give advice, give them open feedback about their situation.

So, here’s the deal: you can get in on this too!

Tell me about a situation you’re dealing with, a decision you can’t make, something you need to get off your chest, or a feeling you can’t explain, and I’ll respond to you on my blog. Who knows, maybe someone out there is going through something similar. Sometimes, it just makes us feel better to know someone is listening.

You can send me questions directly through email at, or through my Instagram DMs at @sunshineandwriting. Don’t worry, all names and personal information will be kept anonymous.

Hope you join in on this fun adventure!

Happiness Always,


I'm Still Here


I wanted to write and tell whoever reads this blog that I’m still very much here, very active, and always writing.

I’m also sketching out ideas for new book covers, and I’ve written 24 of my targeted 30 poems for the next book. I also take a lot of suggestions for poems on my Instagram, @sunshineandwriting . You can always comment here, too, and I’ll post your poem in my next blog post. Don’t worry - everyone gets to stay anonymous.

Feel free to email me, leave comments, or visit any of my social media and give me a holler.

Until next time, blog.

Happiness Always,


Inside: Love Affair with the Rain

Summer! It’s here - I’ve finally finished this semester and I am incredibly grateful. I have not stopped writing or doing the things I love, despite the busy season. I am very excited to share some new stuff (you can find tons of it in the blurbs section) and with summer upon us, much more to come!

I have just released Love Affair with the Rain, which is one of the ones I wanted to keep very under wraps for book 2, but I simply could not wait. I figured since I am releasing such a special one so soon, it would only be fitting to give some inside information on it.

I wrote it based on a very vivid memory from my childhood. We were in the midst of a large, rumbling thunderstorm and my mother liked to sit outside and smell the rain. I never much liked the rain, and as a child, I was afraid of thunder, so I could not understand her affinity for it. I watched her bask in the cold, wet wind on our front porch, and she turned to me and said, “I’ve always loved the rain, it’s cleansing.”

I was a bit startled. As a single mother, she was my strength and joy for my entire life, and I could not comprehend why she loved it so. I have always thought the rain was cold and sad. I brushed it off at the time, but as I have grown, I have loved her as a mother and a friend. She is my closest confidant, as I am hers, and I grew to understand her and her love affair with the rain.

It wasn’t that she had unpacked in her sadness and decided to live there, it was that she had very little time to be anything but strong. I think, back then, when she watched mother nature cry, she knew it was okay to be vulnerable, too.

If my mother hadn’t lived her life the way she did, with the fierceness of a lioness and the fury of a lightning bolt, I would have never turned out how I did.

This one small moment was a defining moment in my life, and I hardly even think about it. When I wrote this poem, it was like cleaning out an attic and uncovering a family secret that explained my whole life.

It explained why I love the rain, too, and why I became the sunshine.

Happiness always,



Spring is here and I am a busy bee between writing and finishing up this school semester. Sometimes I forget that I’m working for what I love to do, and I get whisked away into daydreams about what life will be like when I get to where I want to be: spending my days resting under towering palm trees, feeling the breeze kiss my face, writing endless poems, and letting work and leisure be one.

I often forget that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. Life is magic today, not fifteen years from today. Magic comes to me when I need it most - when I’m writing a resume in the backseat of a two-door sedan on the way to get Mexican food. Sometimes, magic comes to me in a redbull can when I miraculously write a 1,500-word paper the night before it’s due, or when I play football in the backyard with my sister. Good things come each day. While it’s important for me to work towards the future, it’s vital for me to live and enjoy the little moments I experience along the way, no matter how mundane or ridiculous they may seem.

I say all this to come to this conclusion: bask in the sunshine and play in the rain. Life is not comprised of enough little moments.

Happiness Always,


New Things Are Coming

Between work and school, finding time to write and come up with new projects should be difficult. The truth is, it is hard to find time for work and school when all I want to do is write. With that being said, I have been racking my brain, trying to decide how best to convey the feelings I keep buried deep inside of me.

I have just begun shooting and releasing new video poems in hopes that I can offer another avenue into the depths of my soul. In conjunction, I have been writing for my second book, which is tentatively scheduled to release in January of 2020.

I have found myself a new muse, which is incredibly exciting and fear-inducing because I have spent the better part of a year writing about the same things. A new journey never comes without new fears.

I’m so excited for everything that is to come.

Happiness Always,


Snow Day

My classes were cancelled today upon the threat that there was going to be snow. Ah, the joys of living in the South. I took full advantage of my day off by- you guessed it- working. I also brainstormed some titles for Book 2, knowing full-well what I want this next book to be about. I have a few ideas, one of which I ran by Kristin, and she expressed her full support. My most important decisions always go through her first.

I have a few poems for Book 2 written already, all of which I am extraordinarily excited to share. I was really vibing to one this morning, called Tomorrow. Here’s a little snippet:

“If it’s raining tomorrow,

I think I’ll stay home.

I’ll drink a cup of chamomile tea

Perhaps I’ll watch the sunrise.

The sun still rises when there are clouds in the way.”

There’s still so much to be excited for, I hope you follow me on my journey.

Happiness Always,


Magic and it's Dedication

I am extremely excited to announce that my e-book and amazon clearances came early, (considering this a belated birthday gift from the universe) and Magic is now available on iBooks as an e-book, Amazon as a paperback, and Blurb as a PDF.

You may notice my first book doesn’t have a dedication. It’s partly because I knew I was just dipping my toes into the publishing waters, and partly because a lot of the poems are about heartbreak, and no one wants a book about heartbreak dedicated to them. So, the book is dedicated to no one. However, I will dedicate my love for writing and small successes to the people that believed in me when my dreams of publishing a book were exactly that - dreams.

My love for writing is dedicated to my mom. My mom has handed down her love for language and the pictures it can paint. She taught me early on to write my feelings down. She never stressed that the tension I held inside could become art, but when it did, she realized she created something wonderful, and she has been proud of me ever since.

My small successes are dedicated to my best friend. She is the kind of person that fosters dreams in other people. She continuously supports me and my big ideas through anything and everything, and she was the first person to buy my book. She’s held my hand through my good days, and dragged me by my hair through the bad. Not only is she my closest friend, she is an inspiration and a constant reminder that if you are good to the world, it will be good to you, too.

Happiness always,



I’ve just self-published my first book, Magic. I have been working on this book for over a year, it is the journey of my life. The tears, smiles, love, and heartbreak. I am basking in the feeling that I have sought this through to the end and accomplished what I set out to do. Currently, I am celebrating with a coconut popsicle and praise from my friends and family.

My book is available, currently only, in PDF version. It will be available on amazon in three days, and eBook version in two weeks. The PDF version is $5.99 and can be purchased directly through . I am so looking forward to creating more, to giving more, and teaching others to love the world, even when it does not love back.

Happiness always,